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How many bottles can I send in a box?

The maximum number of bottles that can be sent in a box differs between room temperature and cool delivery.

The shipping costs are constant within the limits of one unit. We encourage you to buy multiple bottles to save the shipping cost. Please see our domestic shipping rates for more information.

Shipping Method 720 ml 1,800 ml
General Delivery 12 bottles 6 bottles
Refrigerated Delivery 10 bottles 5 bottles

Cool delivery has a weight limit and the maximum number of units is lower than for normal delivery.

In the case of 720ml, depending on the shape of the container and the availability of the outer box of the product, we may have to use an 1800ml carton or change the number of units.

If you exceed the maximum number of units that can fit in one box, it will be split into two boxes.

The customer will receive confirmation of the additional shipping costs by email.

Please note that we will send your order as soon as we receive confirmation and delivery may be delayed.

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