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There are a lot of sake in Kyushu, but they have not been introduced to the world yet.

We want more people to enjoy Kyushu's unique and tasty sake.

We want to introduce the sake of Kyushu to the world.

Having these thoughts in our mind, SAKEBOYS was founded.

Because we love the sake that we serve, we wanted to know more about the sake breweries.

We learned the history and philosophy of the breweries, and visited them many times to participate in brewing sake.

It is very important to convey the value and the essence of traditional sake brewing, however, we would like to bring the true heart of the sake brewer.

The sake, brewed by professional brewers, with soul and heart is full of passion, faith, and dreams.

SAKEBOYS is the company that delivers the true heart of the sake brewer and we wish our customers to discover the delicious taste of Kyushu's sake.

We put our best efforts to improve the recognition of the sake of Kyushu and promote the regional vitalization of Kyushu, Japan.

Business Outline


SAKEBOYS offers strictly selected sake from Kyushu online. The sake will be sent directly from the brewery where they were produced. ( JAPAN ONLY )


We restructure the brand by creating the labels and promotional materials to enhance the recognition as well as promote repeating and continuous purchase activity in foreign market.


We work with reliable foreign importers and distributors that have great respect for Japanese sake. Wherever we export, we always ship sake using reefer container in order to maintain the quality of sake.

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