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SAKEBOYS promotes Kyushu sake to the world. Notably, our sake differs in flavour and taste from those sakes from the Tohoku and Kanto regions.

After sugar was brought to Hirado in Nagasaki by the Portuguese during the 16th century, sweet soy sauce became the established style of soy sauce in Kyushu. So it was that many breweries started to brew sweet sake to match this sweet soy sauce.

We believe that Kyushu sake stands up to even the strongest flavoured foods, each sip providing a deep sense of satisfaction.

Moreover, each prefecture has its own distinct style of sake:

Fukuoka Prefecture, with its light and dry examples; Saga Prefecture, its sakes having a rich, sweet profile; and Oita Prefecture preferring light, sweet sake.

We invite you to explore the sake of Kyushu, and to compare them with those of Honshu, to understand the true sense of individuality of our region.

Business Outline


SAKEBOYS offers strictly selected sake from Kyushu online. The sake will be sent directly from the brewery where they were produced. ( JAPAN ONLY )


We restructure the brand by creating the labels and promotional materials to enhance the recognition as well as promote repeating and continuous purchase activity in foreign market.


We work with reliable foreign importers and distributors that have great respect for Japanese sake. Wherever we export, we always ship sake using reefer container in order to maintain the quality of sake.

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