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Shigemasu Portfolio 13. 9



This experimental Junmai Ginjo was born out of the Toji's desire to make sake with pure No. 9 yeast once again. The "9" in the name comes from the No. 9 yeast. Originally, if you use the No. 9 yeast to make a Junmai Ginjo, you tend to get an aromatic, Ginjo-like finish, but with the sake brewed by Shigemasu, the koji is hardened so that the sake does not have a sweetness, and it grows to be delicious for a year or two. However, before maturing, it tends to have a slightly bitter taste, known as otoko (men's) sake, and is difficult to drink, therefore, it is matured sufficiently before shipping.

  • Type

    Junmai Ginjo

  • Alcohol By Volume


  • Nihonshudo

    + 1-2

  • Acid


  • Amino Acid


  • Ingredients

    Yamada Nishiki

  • Polishing Ratio


  • Yeast

    Kyokai 9

  • Capacity

    1800ml, 720ml

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