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Shigemasu Portfolio 14. Sakekore Nippon no Tamashii


Sakekore Nipponn no Tamashii

Yamada Nishiki from Itoshima, Fukuoka Prefecture, was milled down to 55% in our own rice milling machine and fermented slowly at low temperature. This sake was created with the prayer for the restoration of Japanese sake and the sincere wish that sake will be the 'power water of happiness' that enriches and energises people's lives as food for the mind and body. It is characterized by its banana-like aroma and moderate acidity.

  • Type

    Junmai Ginjo

  • Alcohol By Volume


  • Nihonshudo

    + 1-2

  • Acid


  • Amino Acid


  • Ingredients

    Yamada Nishiki

  • Polishing Ratio


  • Yeast


  • Capacity

    1800ml, 720ml

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